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Little Wedding Venues in Bow

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Large Wedding Venues in Bow

Directory of Local Artists & Wedding Specialists

Bow has a good selection of highly qualified and ethical skilled artists and professionals willing and able to work with you to make your dream wedding reception, significant anniversary or birthday come true.  Whether you’re searching for  a CELEBRANT or a local VICAR to help you tie the knot,  explore our Directory to find the right person for you.

Then again you may might need your bespoke WEDDING DRESS or a freshly TAILORED SUIT?  So whether sustainable practices, investing in local communities, reducing your carbon footprint or supporting ethical brands are important to you, browse through our Directory for inspiration.

Starting with: HEN & STAG VENUES, venues for your significant BIRTHDAY or ANNIVERSARY, GRADUATION party venues, Pet friendly venues, Pet Nannies,  Stationers, Wedding Planners, Caterers, Cakes & Treats,  Flower arrangers, Wedding Decorators,  Lighting specialists, Mobile bar, Make-up & Hair artists, Photographers & Videographers, Wedding car suppliers,  Singers & Musicians, Choirs, Bands & DJs

We’re here to promote support for our local economy, helping local businesses to start, grow and expand to respond to the needs of our local community. Advertise with us if your unique product is not listed here. Complete the Events Booking Form below and we’ll book a call with you. 

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Bow Village - Best place to live & work in East London

Boastful about Bow

About Us

Bow is a great place to live and work in and it has a great community vibe.  Plus Bow is the home of skilled crafts people and a vibrant eco-friendly community  and that’s why  we’re, “Boastful about Bow”. So are all the folks featured here in my Little & Large Wedding Venue blog. We love the people, food, culture, buildings and ambience. And so this website is a tribute to our passion for this lovely neck of London’s woods. Let’s meet at Grounded London on Mile End Road for coffee and chats.

A Medieval Backdrop

Bow, based in Tower Hamlets is an East End  area of London and it is now a stones throw away from the Olympic Park in Stratford which now houses the V&A, Saddlers Wells ballet company, University College London,  BBC Studios, the University of Arts College of Fashion and of course Hackney Wick Arts and much more.

Let’s meet at the Orbit for coffee, chats plus a visit to one or two Olympic site wedding venues.

History of Bow

Medieval Past to the Present

 Bow, London E3 is an area in the East End of London with a rich and diverse history that dates back to the Roman times. The area was first known as Stratford-atte-Bow, named after the bridge over the River Lea that had a distinctive shape and was made of bows or arches.

The bridge was built in the 12th century and became an important crossing point for goods and people travelling between London and Essex.

During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, Bow became a centre for manufacturing and textiles, with many factories and workshops located in the area.

The Bow Porcelain Factory, which produced fine ceramics, was established in the early 18th century and became a significant employer in the area.

During World War II, Bow was heavily bombed and suffered significant damage, with many buildings destroyed and lives lost. However, the area was rebuilt after the war, with new housing developments and community facilities established.

Today, Bow is a diverse and vibrant area with a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and leisure spaces.


Romancing in Bow

Ultimately Little & Large Wedding Venues is all about people, Bow’s residents and visitors. 

Our Facebook page is dedicated to couples who have tied the knot in  Bow, families and friends, students who have moved into the area, Eastenders and so on.  Have a look at some of their stories by clicking the link.

Suppliers in Bow and beyond

Bow, nestled in the heart of East London’s industrial history has some of the most beautiful, intriguing and breathtaking little and large venues you have ever seen.

Lovely Bow is abundant with memorable photo opportunities galore.  Visit our Preferred Suppliers list here or Call us on 07393320780 to arrange a personal referral.

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